An exciting

No doubt you think that Process Support is an exciting company
that you would like to hear more about. Or you already have a specific task
you want to discuss with us.

Process Supports
overall objective

We have – for almost a decade – had the same overall goal:
Process Support will be our Customers preferred partner
for our service and consultancy

Process Supports

Since our establishment in the summer of 2012, Process Support
has been a reliable partner for the pharmaceutical industry
as well as the chemical and food industry.


It has been said that ”every measuring instrument measures incorrectly, and calibration shows by how much!” But what is calibration exactly?

Thermal validation

Continuous control of the thermal conditions in a given process is the alpha and omega of the industries we work with.

Project Management

When you as a customer hire one of our consultants as a project manager in your production, we begin a close and confidential collaboration. From the start of the process to commissioning, it is the customer’s needs that come before everything else.

On-site support

Process Support performs on-site services at the individual customer for shorter or longer periods.

From day one we have had
the same goal!

Right from our very first working day, we have had the same overall goal: “Process Support will be our customers’ preferred partner within our areas of service and consultancy.” That is why we constantly improve our main competencies in calibration, thermal validation, project management and on-site support through workshops and courses several times a year. We work closely with our customers who come from the pharmaceutical industry as well as the food and chemical industry.


In the summer of 2012, Kenneth Lomholdt established Process Support together with Torben Hansen.


We are the customers’ preferred partner!

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We can not say it clearly enough: Flexibility is the foundation of our company!



We help customers with compliance challenges they cannot solve themselves.


Our employees can become your colleagues for a shorter or longer period of time.



We have our own quality management system with a constant focus on meeting customer requirements and improving their satisfaction.


We take pride in the fact that our customers always receive the right support and guidance. It is also one of the reasons why you as a customer can call one of our consultants at any time and get answers to your questions – completely FREE.

A familiar face

Whenever we work with Process Support, as far as possible it is always the same person who works with us in our company

Non-stop phone support

Process Support’s colleagues come every time we call! They always provide telephone support 24/7

Optimal phone service

Process Support’s consultants are happy to support us over the phone during component adjustments

Our backup

We feel safe with Process Support’s documentation; they are always backed up during our inspections

100% satisfaction

In cases where Process Support does not have all the equipment themselves, they find a supplier to accomplish the task. They willing make themselves available to help us with support