Process Support

Compliance Solutions


    Our chosen strategic partner is the company Exova METECH A/S. Exova METECH is the largest provider of calibration services in Denmark and a big player within the pharmaceutical industry.

    The reason for choosing a partner is our wish to be able to offer our customers a complete service package within the field of calibration. This partnership enables us to include accreditations as part of the package of calibration and thermal validation if the customer requires them.

    Whilst the formal partnership with Exova METECH is new, Consultants at Process Support have worked closely with Exova METECH for many years.

    For more information about Exova METECH, please visit their website at

    For programming services, we have chosen to partner with Kenneth Tofte, Toftech ApS. Toftech ApS is a key player in terms of programming and PLCs.

    Again, we have very good personal experiences from working with Kenneth Tofte.

    For more information about Toftech ApS, please visit their website at