Process Support

Compliance Solutions

    Qualification Commissioning

    Process Support is able to perform any type of qualification of any type of equipment (FAT, SAT), IQ, OQ and PQ, but we specialise in the qualification of autoclaves.

    Qualification must be carried out during installation of new equipment, commissioning (FAT/SAT), and during removal of equipment or during changes and modifications.

    This might be the replacement of components that are not 'like for like'. When replacing components in older equipment, it often happens that the components are no longer in stock at the manufacturer. In those situations, the most suitable alternative is used.

    During the change of an autoclave load, it may become evident that the existing programme is no longer optimal. In this situation, a change and reprogramming of the autoclave programme may be the solution.

    The ensuing qualification must document that the reprogramming has had the desired effect on the process, and that it has only affected the targeted parameters leaving all the other parameters unaffected.

    Process Support is able to perform all steps of this process.