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    Calibration is the process of determining the error of indication of a measuring instrument.

    Calibration is performed by comparing the instrument against an instrument of a higher accuracy with a known error of indication. In popular terms, it can be said that "all measuring instruments are inaccurate, a calibration determines by how much" .

    At Process Support we have the equipment to perform traceable calibrations of autoclaves as well as pressure, temperature and electrical calibrations .

    In organisations adhering to the rules of cGMP, calibrations must be performed at fixed intervals. In other organisations, calibrations should be carried out if process measuring instruments are used for the production process.

    At Process Support, our Consultants are trained and experienced in Pressure, Differential pressure, Liquid flow, Conductivity, pH, Weights, Load cells, Humidity, Temperature, Loop (electrical), Level and RPM (revolutions) calibrations.