Process Support

Compliance Solutions

Process Support

  We provide services and consulting to the pharmaceutical industry and the healthcare sector.

Our core services include calibration, thermal validation, qualification (IQ, OQ and PQ), commissioning (FAT, SAT) and the maintenance of autoclaves.

At Process Support we understand that production is crucial. Therefore, we fit in our services so as to meet our customers' schedules, eg. during production downtime.

We offer 24-hour emergency service, 365 days a year.

Our motto is "Compliance Solutions". This means that we are able to assist our customers with compliance challenges (within our areas of expertise), where the customer either does not have the necessary expertise or equipment, or lacks the time and manpower to manage these.

We have many years of experiencewith inspections (by regulatory bodies as well as partners)and will gladly be present with our customer when the work that we have helped carry out is inspected.

At Process Support, we are 100% committed, loyal and result-oriented - no matter what the task.